Where’s My Passport? Only 2 days to go….

Everything is ready to go. Except for one small detail! My passport! I sent off my passport to the the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra to get a 2 month tourist visa as the VOA (visa on arrival) is only valid for 1 month. In retrospect, leaving this job till the last few weeks before I left was a terrible decision! 

Getting a visa to cover me for my huge long trip has been a constant issue. The VOA isn’t long enough and so I decided to explore getting a social visa which is valid for up to 6 months. It is actually a 2 month visa which can be extended up to 4 times more @ a month each time. This was the best there was. It was a bit tricky though, because I will  be away for almost 7 months! However the application I sent with my passport to the embassy was not accepted on several grounds. Lovely Sari from the embassy rang me to explain that not only was my application incomplete, but my ticket dates were too far apart! 

After a sleepless night agonising over what would be the best option, I rang her back Friday and asked to change my application to a 2 months tourist visa, then booked a flight out of Indonesia with Air Asia for just under 2 months later to Singapore where hopefully I will be able to apply again for the 6 month Social Visa. I haven’t heard back and so assume all went through well and my passport is now en route back to me.

My next dilemma is that I live in a rural town and the express postal service is designed for city to city transportation of mail. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that it is not going to take an extra day to do that extra city to small country town leg!!

The VOA can only be extended legally once, so although it wasn’t an ideal option, however in hindsight I should have done that and then at least I would have my passport in my hand right now!




3 thoughts on “Where’s My Passport? Only 2 days to go….

  1. Hope you have it in your hand tomorrow! Let us know how you get on so we can at least envisage you on the plane on Friday!

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