First Day Adjustments

Arrived late last night after a great flight – loved the break in Perth airport, then a dream run through customs/immigration before getting a taxi to my hotel.
My arrival at the hotel promptly stopped the run of good luck. i firstly had to wake the fellow on desk duty. He was sleeping under the stairwell and was not at all happy to be woken. He then went out of his way to show his displeasure. He began by denying they were expecting me, then begrudgingly gave me the sign in sheet. He wasn’t happy that i didn’t have a paper copy of the paperwork for my booking but thankfully i had a digital copy of it on my ipad to prove my claim. After much sullenness and rudeness (so uncharacteristic of Bali), he grabbed a key, came around the front of the desk and without saying a word grabbed the smaller of the 2 suitcases before vanishing the stairs. I grabbed my heavy suitcase and followed him. I did not rush, actually I could not rush because it wasn’t easy lugging my heavy suitcase full of oleh oleh up 3 flights of stairs. He entered the room, switched on the light, the air conditioner and then exited the room. That was my welcome to Pulau Bali Hotel!
My room was a huge disappointment but in truth, what else should i expect for Rp230,000 a night! Still for only 2 nights it is perfectly functional. The part of the room i loathe is the bathroom. It is shabby and nothing works properly. The shower had barely a trickle, the toilet doesn’t flush (but yes, it is a western toilet!) and today i discovered the toilet seat isn’t attached to the pedestal! Tonight i am having a proper mandi using the gayung so that it doesn’t matter that there is no water pressure. The piece de resistance though for the bathroom is a door so rotten it can’t close. The issue is that the air conditioner is right next to the bathroom and the cool air just goes out the bathroom window!
When I woke this morning, breakfast was waiting outside my door this morning. I was up at 5:30, so goodness only knows when it was delivered! It was 2 slices of bread & butter, chocolate sprinkles and a boiled egg! Who wants it? See photo!
My room as I said, is on the 3rd floor. It is so cool up here – very breezy which is beautiful. I am the only one on this floor, the other 2 rooms are empty. I have dragged my chair over to the verandah edge so I can sit and look out over the street. Across the road is a huge Christian Church with huge stained windows. It is in pristine condition with beautifully manicured plants along the front wall. Very Indonesian in style. Behind me the view is off the red tiled roof tops, a typically Balinese view.
I was very tired when i woke, so after sitting in the lobby face timing Bec and writing some emails, I came back upstairs and went back to bed! Because I could! I then put my backpack on my shoulders and headed out for an exploratory walk. I discovered the hotel is indeed very close to Pasar Badung and enjoyed walking around Jalan Sulawesi looking at the material shops. I then caught a taxi to Seminyak to get sim cards for then ipad and phone. The nano sim and pulsa (credit) cost RP305,000 which in retrospect was very expensive, so I will make sure i use it all up before the month is out. Rp250,000 was credit/pulsa. I do not want to run out and thought it was better to have too much than the opposite.
While in Seminyak, I enjoyed several pawpaw juices which were absolutely delicious and helped me to totally revive. I found a lovely quiet warung place where I could sit right by the road and enjoy the cool breezes while checking my emails, facebook and WWF while enjoying a delicious juice.I have decided that staying firstly in Seminyak/ Legian/ Kuta/ Sanur is important to get all the western necessities done before heading off traveling. However now I am enjoying the quietness of the Denpasar streets. No tourists, no touts yelling, and very sedate.
Outside this hotel are a couple of kaki lima’s. So called because you need 5 feet to push them around. The person pushing it has 2 feet and the cart has 2 wheels (‘feet’) and a prop to hold it balanced when it is stationary – the fifth foot!. One sells Soto Ayam, a chicken and noodle soup served with rice, and another sells nasi bungkus, pre wrapped bundles of rice and accompaniments. I love nasi bungkus but will pass on these because they look like they have been sitting in this kaki lima all day. For dinner I will take her up on her other offer: mie kuah (noodles in a soup). She will make it fresh using the noodle packets just like we get at Woolies! That way it is freshly made and i can ask her to add just vegies! Maybe I will have nasi bungkus for breaky.
A kaki lima is coming down the street now banging a stick on a hollow piece of bamboo. I wonder what he is selling.


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