Here I am in Java….

This morning I left Pengeragoan and Kadek’s family to begin my Java adventure. This part of my trip involves visiting many areas I have never seen before and also a lot of solo travel.
I caught a bus from down on the main road this morning at 9am and for once it was ok saying goodbye to Kadek because I will be visiting her again very soon. The bus trip to Gilimanuk was uneventful. I sat on the back seat, much to the guy who collects the fares and tells the driver when to stop, disgust. He is used to passengers doing exactly what he tells them to. I loved the back seat because I had a fantastic view through the aisle to the front windscreen and could see where we were going. I eventually got the window seat and that was great too except that they are definitely positioned for small people because right where my eyes looked out the window was a bar. Looking through the bus at the other passengers, I noticed that I was the only person who had that problem! At Gilimanuk, the bus stopped right across the road from the ferry terminal, so pulling my pack behind me, I followed the other passengers heading to the ferry dock. It cost Rp6000 (60c) to catch the ferry to Java; an hour and a half trip. Very good value! On the bottom level were cars, trucks and motorbikes while the passengers climbed up a steep set of stairs to reach the seating area. Climbing those stairs gave me my first opportunity to use the straps on my new back pack and at that point I was so thankful that I had chosen luggage that can be both pulled and carried. The journey over on the ferry was interesting. I chose to sit at the front of the ferry as at the back was a tv blaring dangdut music. I had a young couple in front of me with a baby who were obviously heading home to Java. I loved watching them take care of their baby and entertain it during the trip. It constantly amazes me how patient and loving Indonesian parents are with their children. Entertaining their child was a pleasure. Also interesting was the fact that it was only Dads who got up with their children when they got restless to walk them around or show them the sea. I also sat facing the musholla; the praying room for muslims. I have seen them everywhere in public spaces in Indonesia except Bali where they are only in areas frequented by muslim tourists! Just before we docked, one of the crew put his head in and gave them a heads up!
In Gilimanuk, I disembarked and once out of the terminal was bombarded with touts offering transportation options. One fellow caught my ear when he mentioned the volcano I am planning to visit. He kindly took me to a tour guide office/tourist information office who explained to me that there was no way I would get to my hotel today. instead he offered me various tours, one of which was interesting because in 2 days it would get me to Jogjakarta after visiting 2 of the volcanoes I hope to see while in Java. As I am in no hurry, it was easy to knock that option back but his other suggestion was very tempting. He offered that for $50, I could stay the night here in Banyuwangi, head up to Ijen volcano crater tomorrow and than instead of returning here, he will drop me at the hotel I am supposed to be staying at tonight. Considering that there was no way i would get to Catimor Homestay tonight and would need to find accommodation somewhere anyway and then on top of that find my way to Catimor tomorrow which according to all involves changing buses 4 times followed by an ojek ride (motorbike taxi), I signed up for his tour tomorrow morning happily. I will be collected tomorrow morning at 4am! So far, 2 others have also signed up – 2 Europeans who have also just arrived from Bali where they stayed in Munduk and highly recommend it.
So here I sit on the front ‘verandah’ of my hotel room catching up on my blog, checking my emails and face timing my daughter, Bec after 2 nights in Pengeragoan where the internet was too slow. I have enjoyed some rain while I sit here, thankfully nowhere near as heavy nor as cold as what home received recently!
I am now going to head out and get some lunch from a nearby warung. Apparently there is one nearby that sells nasi campur (rice with a variety of vegetabls and meat – you can choose exactly what goes in it).
While in Pengeragoan, i started a new page called ‘Family Life’. Click on the title ‘family life’ at the top of the blog.


4 thoughts on “Here I am in Java….

  1. Wow you really pack a lot into a day or morning! I remember the lugging of cases up those flight of steps on the ferry! Don’t envy you the 4 o’clock start although I have a 5 am start to take Elaine and barry to the airport tomorrow as well! Trekking yup the volcanoes sounds impressive and a definite bucket list! Can’T wait to hear about it! Enjoy!

    • Where are Elaine & Barry off to this time? Did you notice he reference to Munduk? I”m really looking forward to asking them more about that if i get a chance tomorrow morning!

    • Thanks Dad. I am enjoying writing it too. Have just come home from Banyuwangi central where I had nasi pecel for dinner in a warung literally on the footpath! Grandmas’s pecel i much nicer!! off to bed now to hopefully get some sleep ahead off the trek tomorrow morning.

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