Bromo Volcan cont….

The walk across the sand to the base of Bromo was fascinating. Past all sorts of interesting sights.




Look how big Bromo is as we walk towards it!

and then we reached the base of the stairs to climb up Bromo:


At the top the view is amazing and we could also look right into the Bromo crater:

and right next door was an extinct volcano:

Then the view going back down was just as interesting:

Can you see the Hindu temple? Very interesting seeing a huge Hindu temple in Java!

Then on our way home we got held up with road works! Look how differently roads are repaired in Indonesia!

First the asphalt is heated till boiling, This takes up to 2 hours. So while they are waiting they put a smaller tin on the fire which will heat up quicker.

Then it is sprayed over the road that needs repairing using a tin with holes in the bottom.

Then, using this scoop, stones are spread over the hot asphalt.

Using a broom made from long coconut leaf spines, the rocks are swept where they are needed most.

Finally a roller is slowly driven in and rolls over the stones, pushing them firmly into the asphalt filled holes.

Then we were allowed to drive over the repaired road so that we could head back to Malang!

What an interesting day!


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