Bromo Volcano

I travelled with a group of 5 people to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park on Tuesday with Helios Tour led by Harry. It was a fantastic day. We left Malang at midnight and travelled very slowly through many villages before starting the very slow climb in the landrover up the mountain. We got to Penanjakan (2770m) around 4am to watch the sun rise over the volcanoes:

Bromo is the volcano to the left which is smoking. Mt Semeru is the large volcano towards the back and Semeru is the largest point in Java and one of Indonesia’s most active volcano!
Here is the next shot I took and you can see how the colours are changing with the sunrise:

Where you can see white cloud is the plateau around the base of the caldera and as the sun rises, the cloud thins.

Once the sun was up, we then got back into the landrover and headed down to the base. Down a very steep and windy road. The flat bottom of the caldera is known as the “Sea of Sand” and is all black sand.


We then drove around to the bottom of Mount Bromo and parked a fair way away in the carpark. There were horses everywhere if you wanted to ride one instead of walk to the base of Mt Bromo.


2 thoughts on “Bromo Volcano

  1. Been there and done that! Amazing experience. We stayed in Bromo and were awoken at 3 AM…better than leaving Malang at midnight, methinks! Cold as hell, isn’t it!

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