Hari Waisak schedule


From 9- 12:30 various rituals and ceremonies at Mundut will be held before lunch.
The pilgrimage from Mundut to Borobudur will start around 1:30pm and they should all have reached Borobudur by 4pm (all in the hottest part of the day!)
From 4- 6pm, each group of monks has time to undertake their own rituals.
Between 6-7pm all monks have to head to the first level of Borobudur.
From 7pm onwards, is the ritual of circumambulating Borobudur clockwise on each level 3 times and then afterwards, releasing paper lanterns.
The ritual of circumambulation is called pradaksina.
Here is what the Encyclopedia Britannica explains pradaksina:

The worshiper, by beginning in the east and keeping the sacred object on his right-hand side, proceeds to the south, thus moving in the direction followed daily by the course of the sun. Pilgrimages sometimes consist of circumambulating an entire town.


3 thoughts on “Hari Waisak schedule

  1. Lucky you to be there at such an auspicious time! Today dave and I did the snake lagoon walk in flinders chase nat pk…..not another soul to be seen! My legs are quite weary this evening. Weather overcast and a bit drizzly….good for walking!

    • If you didn’t see a single person then that is the toal opposite of my day yesterday! I have never seen so many people in one place before! It was amazing and I hope to update my blog soon while it is still fresh in my mind, Unfortunately the connectivity isn’t flash at the moment so uploading my blogs may have to wait till tomorrow when I return to Jogya,

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