Face time with PEPS students

i have communicated twice now with students from PEPS and both times it was so exciting!

Last week I spoke briefly with year 5 students from Mrs Roberts’ class and the most exciting thing about it was actually being able to make contact; that I could face time students at school from Indonesia. The first question they asked me was if i had seen a volcano yet! Very envious when I said I had climbed 2! Other questions were general ones about my travels.

The next time I tried to face time a class was not so successful. For some reason we just could not connect. Sandy was using the same ipad that Marg had used, I had full signal so all should have worked!! Take nothing for granted with technology!! We tried for nearly an hour and finally through Skype we connected but even then it wasn’t perfect. I could see and hear them however they could only hear me plus it was almost lunch time (and fun lunch to boot!) so we set another date to give it a another go.

I organised Rina, my Jamu tour guide, to join us again this morning to try at the same time again. This time we connected first time! It was awesome. There was one major problem though! Poor Rina was caught up at university, so we had nobody to interview! Luckily Siska was sitting by her desk, so I asked her if she’d like to be interviewed by students in Australia and she was delighted to be involved.

I loved that Sandy had asked each of her students to say, “Selamat pagi. Nama saya…..) before they spoke and then “Terima kasih.” afterwards. They said it so smoothly, i was so proud of them. They also spoke really clearly and on the whole we could understand them easily.

The major glitch is to do with connectivity. If either one of us moves too much, facetime tends to divert it’s energy into the visual and then the audio either lags and becomes blurry or drops altogether.

All up, very exciting that we are able to work through each problem and demonstrate that we can contact people in Indonesia!

20130531-123421.jpg Siska & Rina talking to Mrs Warner’s students



3 thoughts on “Face time with PEPS students

  1. awesome! ! its amazing as well as frustrating communicating across the world……at times.
    a bit of locsl Goss. .raining again. ..kemarin cuaca lbh baik,.hari ini mendung dan hujan…dua selencar dua hari….denang skl!!

  2. The students in my class were so excited to talk to you Cathy and to Siska and Rina. They said they were really nervous at first but thought the two Indonesian ladies were lovely and that helped. It was funny to watch them each ask their question then they quickly ran away to write the answer down before they forgot them. They were really interested to read your blogs about the volcano too and this has been a great way to engage the students in learning about the Indonesian culture. They are really looking forward to doing it again next week! 🙂

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