Kebun Raya Bogor – Botanical Gardens of Bogor

Bogor is about 30km away from Jakarta and because we didn’t get away till 9:30am, the traffic was terrible. It took us 2 hours to get to the gardens! However now that we ar here, it was well worth the long drive.The gardens were the original idea of Sir Stanford Raffles who we all associate with singapore, but his influence here in Indonesia was also noteworthy. As I said in a previous post, he discovered the ruins of Borobudur and had he not, who knows what state it would be in by now. These gardens are huge. Lots of trees and lots of lawned areas, all a tribute to Raffles. We first headed to see if the rafflesia was flowering but unfortunately it isn’t. Maybe Marg and I will have more luck when we go to the Kebun Raya in Bali!
It is very hot here in Bogor but luckily quite cool under the trees with the breeze. While the others are doing their midday prayers (solat) I have a few minutes to quickly show you a few photos of the gardens here.

20130609-144449.jpgthe view from the restaurant where we had lunch.

20130609-144607.jpgsealing wax palm

20130609-144645.jpgbanana palms


20130609-144950.jpgour group today: Bu Yanti, Nadia, Bu Valentina & ?(to be added in later)

20130609-161048.jpgice cream seller

20130609-161137.jpgsuspension bridge


2 thoughts on “Kebun Raya Bogor – Botanical Gardens of Bogor

  1. hi cathy, bogor seems timeless….I bet sitting under the trees felt beautiful and the air cleaner. air pollution in jakarta? have u got sn email address? and where are you around the end of august beginning sept ? ssalam hangat kpd bu valentina dan u xx

    • did you get my email that I sent to the gmail address? For the weekend at the end of august/early september, Bu Valen has invited me to spend the weekend with her in sumatra visiting her area. if you are planning to visit, it would be awesome if you could come too! From there I am heading to Ternate to spend a month there but the dates are not set yet. what are you suggesting?

      From, Catherine Elliott

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