Student Teacher Farewell at SMKN 29 Jakarta

Here we sit after a very official and very typical Indonesian function in the media room where staff meetings are held at SMKN 29 Jakarta. The student teachers have just held a thank you and farewell speech for the staff.
We began with the students giving a very appreciative speech. They then handed it over to the principal who made many positive comments about becoming a teacher. He spoke about it being a teacher’s duty to inspire and motivate the students. He also reminded staff how highly respected teachers are in Indonesia and how we need to earn that respect. He also told a story about why we as teachers should always aspire to become principals. Unfortunately the cultural part of the anecdote doesn’t translate so well but basically his status rose significantly amongst his neighbors once they discovered he was a principal. Pak Hasin then handed the microphone to the supervising lecturer. After thanking staff too for welcoming his students into the school, he apologised on behalf of the students in case anything they had said or done was wrong! The students then finished with a long prayer before presenting all electronic staff with framed certificates and also handing the principal a trophy which lights up!

We are now finishing up with food and drink while being serenaded by the principal!

The students have handed out to us all jelly and cream with extremely sweet es buah (fruit with ice)




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