Pasar Bintaro

This morning on the way to school, we asked the family chauffeur (driver) to find bubur. We stopped on a street

20130618-074422.jpgwhere there was a bubur seller selling bubur and while he was making the bubur,

20130618-081137.jpg we strolled up to the nearby market. It was barely 5:30am and the market was so quiet! Apparently by 7am, it is very crowded and busy. It was lovely being so quiet because I could take photos easily without being jostled by customers nor having to time my photos between people walking past.
We went into the market to look for food to take to school for the teachers who are probably hungry after their early start for school. We headed straight to the cake stall which sold the most amazing variety of both traditional and modern cakes. Some were familiar, dadar gulung (green pancakes), kue lapis (layer cake), but most were unfamiliar.

20130618-081933.jpgI have since had the chance to try the ones we bought and they are all delicious. The chocolate and white roll is filled with chocolate and actually for someone like me who rarely eats chocolate, it was really yummy. The green and white square cake has the same filling as the dadar gulung which was a pleasant surprise.
While Bu Sovia was paying for the cakes, I wandered around and took some photos for you:

20130618-081356.jpgA fruit stall selling mainly fruit that we recognise and grow in Australia.

20130618-082837.jpgSelling savoury snacks

20130618-083011.jpgSelling plastic plates,cups, straws and every type of tissue that you could imagine!

20130618-083535.jpgChicken seller

20130618-084753.jpgMeat seller

20130618-082605.jpgOutside the market we found a banana stall selling so many varieties of bananas!

20130618-085035.jpgA lady selling sweets on the street. Usually sold in banana leaf packets!

20130618-085817.jpgThen back to our driver, Pak Nohar, who has been patiently waiting for us in the car.
We then headed back to school where we sat in the principals office while outside there is much activity as a group of 40 students are today flying to Europe to participate in a multicultural event held in various towns in Northern Italy.


5 thoughts on “Pasar Bintaro

  1. Selemat pagi Bu Cathy. Apa kabar? We have been looking at your blog this morning. The chocolate roll sounded delicious and made us all want to try it. We hope you are having a good time from Mrs Turley and the year 7s

  2. Saya lapar skl! Kue2 nampak enak sekali. Berapa lama lagi di jakarta sebelumnya ke kalimantan? Ada rencana atau ‘bermain oleh telinga’…hah is this a possibilityatau ngak? Aja bermain!?? Blog2 sangat menikmati…..smg bu cathy di surga ketuju :))♡

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