Face Timing With Year 5’s from PEPS

Our plan to face time this morning was approved by the principal, Pak Hadi, earlier in the week. Due to our outing to Anyer yesterday and the teachers having parent teacher interviews at school all day Wednesday, Friday was our only option! Unfortunately it clashed with the school ‘raker’ (see ‘raker’ blog for SMKN 29 Jakarta blog for an explanation of what a ‘raker’ is!) but in retrospect I am so glad I chose to go ahead with face timing.
Watching the 2 teacher’s faces who participated in the face timing session with the year 5’s reiterated for me the benefits of being able to communicate face to face with native speakers of the language being studied.

20130627-121032.jpgThey were on such a high and Bu Wulan was over the moon with Cooper’s lovely comment praising her English fluency! Now they understand just how powerful it is for students to talk directly to other students from another country and are also really keen to investigate ways to repeat it with their Bakti Mulya students! Fingers crossed we can because not only is it so engaging for second language students to use the language so meaningfully, but it also will give us a channel through which we can meet our future sister school guests before they arrive on exchange! How wonderful would it be if we could use Skype or face time for students to introduce themselves before the exchange program! Should help reduce stress levels for all involved!
A huge thank you to the year 5’s from Mrs Roberts class and also to Mrs Warner’s class from PEPS. You were great ambassadors not only for for our school, but also for Australia! Both classes asked terrific questions and the way you all politely and fluently greeted each visitor before introducing yourself in Indonesian impressed them all enormously! Our sister schools are both thrilled to have met you and you have confirmed for them the image of Australians as being friendly, well mannered and confident, all important values for Indonesians as well!
Bagus sekali



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