KFC in Jakarta

After Mrs Roberts students asked me about the foods that students here eat, I thought I should blog this visit with Bu Sovia’s 2 youngest children to KFC! We are about to head off to the movies to see Man Of Steel and while we wait for the session to start, the children want to get something to eat from KFC.
Here is what KFC looks like at Bintaro Plaza, one of the malls near Bu Sovia’s house.




KFC is always served her with rice. Here is Mita opening her packet of rice:

Look how she eats her rice! Like a hamburger!


It was fun watching an American film with an Indonesian audience! I also really enjoyed reading the Indonesian subtitles! Some of the translations were really interesting, in particular the different American insults that were bandied between the teenaged characters which were all translated as “bodoh” which literally means stupid!
After the film, as the audience was all trying to leave, I bumped into someone and without thinking said,”Sorry” instead of “Maaf”! After listening to 2 hours of English, I reverted back to English! Thankfully the young girl I was speaking to had also just watched a 2 hour film in in English and just nodded and smiled!


4 thoughts on “KFC in Jakarta

  1. Dear Cath

    You are certainly moving about & having some wonderful experiences. Not sure where it came from but know you would be so disappointed if that virus affected your continuing story.

    Love Muriel & David

  2. Cath….is there a permanent record of these musings that you can recall later and edit them or whatever? Does ‘wordpress’ delete them after a period? Just wondering.

    • as far as i know, they are permanently there unless I personally delete anything. still, worth checking. i will follow it up!

      From, Catherine Elliott

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