Memasak Perkedel Jagung With Bu Valentina & Kak Nadia

Here is a video I made with Bu/Valentina & her niece last weekend in Jakarta.
All feedback gratefully accepted as I plan to create more like this to use with students next year and in the future! Let me know what you think and if you have other ideas for possible cooking recipes that would be appropriate for year 7’s to make themselves.
Bu Cathy


6 thoughts on “Memasak Perkedel Jagung With Bu Valentina & Kak Nadia

  1. Hi Cath, your video is awesome…. Fantastic clean kitchen. I love the short simples language. I would have liked the text to stay on the screen longer for me, cos I found I couldn’t read it fast enough, and translate it. Maybe cos I am not fluent!!! Can’t wait to see the next one !!!!!

    • Great feedback! Exactly what I need to hear. My year 7’s are not fluent so I need to keep that in mind! Any suggestions for Indonesian recipes that would be good for 12/13 year olds to cook independently? No peanut ones for obvious reasons!!

  2. Well, what a beautifully made little film!! I think corn fritters is an excellent opening recipe and it is so simple. I think I would have included actual quantities rather than “bit of this and a bit of that”.
    If you look in an Indonesian recipe book, written for Indonesian & not for Europeans, I think I would follow their wording … and maybe you already have.
    Other simple foods? Well, you could start with the traditional stirfried Bak Choy and others of the cabbage family including, particularly, Chinese cabbage (Wong Bok). What about satay? Me Tut has some lovely and simple recipes for the marinate but your sister Sari’s mother has the most amazing recipe of all and I have a copy of it here at home. It is excellent for people with peanut allergies as it does not contain any peanuts. That’s all from your father…[Big smile]

    • Thanks as always for the feedback! I totally agree about including the quantities! Warn Dadong that she is definitely going to be targeted when I get home! One recipe that I have earmarked for her is her famous ayam plecing!

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