Harvesting Chocolate

Nenek (Grandma) did several trips to the family garden yesterday which is about half an hours walk away, to harvest the chocolate that is ripening there.

20130715-121600.jpgA chocolate fruit tree

20130715-121506.jpgRipe chocolate fruit

It is almost the end of the season which this year has been a good one. The season lasts for 3 months.
When collecting the fruit, Nenek opens each one and empties all the seeds into her bucket.

20130716-152501.jpgWhen the bucket is full, she carries it home on her head using a rolled up towel to help protect her head and also to help balance the bucket which is very heavy..

The next day she and Kakek (Grandpa) pile the chocolate seeds onto sacks and separate the seeds from the core which is thrown away. Here you can see the seeds piled in front of them while the smaller sacks to the back are for the cores.

Then the seeds are spread out over several sacks using a rake called a ‘penggarot’ to separate the individual seeds so they will dry as quickly as possible.

20130715-122818.jpgThe sacks are placed in the sun and every so often Nenek or Kakek turns the seeds over by hand or moves the sacks so that they aren’t shaded by the nearby buildings.



20130715-123517.jpgthe chocolate seeds freshly spread out! They are about 3cm long.


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