Buka Puasa (Breaking The Fast)

Every evening in Ternate, Indonesia, during Ramadan, the Muslims ‘buka puasa’ (break their fast) at 6:40pm. The time varies from place to place because it is dependent on the time of sunset. Indonesia has 3 time zones, so each time zone would buka puasa whenever the official time of sunset would be. This time zone is the first to buka puasa.
Breaking the fast is not a time to feast, it is about moderation. Breaking the fast is usually done with something light and sustaining.
Here in Ibu Esty’s house, they buka puasa with bubur (rice porridge) topped with a light vegetable soup. It is absolutely delicious. Some families break their fast with kelapa mudah and consequently along the side of the road are many sellers selling green coconuts with the rough outside husk trimmed off.

Many families also break the fast with a selection of jajan (sweet or savoury snacks). A couple of hours before sunset, sellers set up along the side of the road.

20130801-134544.jpgParents shop selecting a variety of jajan for their families. Here are some photos of the jajan that were available yesterday when Bu Esty went out with Bapak and me.

20130801-134857.jpgBu Esty choosing some jajan.

Which of these would you like to try?

20130801-135905.jpgKue Lapis – Layer Cake.

20130801-140010.jpgkue agar agar jagung & chokolat

20130801-140126.jpgkue ubi parut & kue sus

20130801-140201.jpgkue pelita


20130801-140401.jpgroti coi oles pakai kacang & apang coi

20130801-140448.jpgLumpia & kue sus

20130801-140537.jpgkue Donut with margarine & chocolate sprinkles

20130801-140632.jpgdadar gulung (green pancakes)panakok

20130801-140727.jpgonde onde

20130801-140832.jpgagar agar choklat

20130801-140916.jpgsambiki coi (labu)


20130801-141028.jpgkue cara

20130801-141101.jpgkue cucur

20130801-141138.jpgpisang coi

20130801-141233.jpgHere is Bu Esty paying for the jajan. What hand is Bu Esty using to hand the money to the jajan seller? What hand is the jajan seller using to hand the jajan to Bu Esty? Is it their right hand or their left hand?


    offer everything in your right hand, even if it means you give the money and then receive the jajan at the same time.


5 thoughts on “Buka Puasa (Breaking The Fast)

    • Bu Esty is amazed that you have students who are no longer fasting. The dates across the world apparently only vary by a day at most. There are a couple of reasons why women might be excused from fasting but men are only excused if hospitalised or when fasting clashes with work commitments. Is it possible to talk to the students about why their fasting dates are different?

      • I discovered there are people practicing Ramadan. I obviously have not ad any Muslim kids in my classes!!!

    • The food here is amazing even though everyone is puasa. I joined the family tonight at Esty’s Mum’s to buka puasa and that was another awesome experience. I hope to get time to document it all while it is still fresh in my mind however as I am only here for 2 weeks, Esty is trying to cram as much into this time as possible! Did you read the comment by Pak Amir on my first Ternate blog? How amazing!
      See you very soon,

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