Skype with Bu Cathy and Kakak Ichal in Tenate

Last week, I set up a Skype lesson with the year 5 PEPS class so they could interview a Ternate local about the impact of volcanoes. As Gunung Gamalama (Mt Gamalama) last erupted in 2011, there is still much destruction and evidence of this.
The lesson was constantly interrupted by a poor connection. Our first choice, as always, is face time, however we couldn’t connect with that at all, so we next tried Skype. Skype is definitely an inferior choice when communicating from Indonesia on an iPad as the picture is always hazy. However, for us, we were delighted it worked and the constant lost connection and then reconnectons were frustrating but much better than nothing.
Bu Esty’s family in Ternate were very proud of Ichal communicating with students in Australia and demonstrating his English proficiency. Ichal was also thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to Australian students ‘face to face’ from Ternate. Everyone they spoke to was so chuffed that Australian students wanted to learn about Ternate!
Thanks once again for being terrific ambassadors for Australia. Most of the people who watched the lesson have never had the opportunity to talk to a western person before, let alone see inside a western classroom. They loved your enthusiasm for learning and your interest in their island! Congratulations on making such a postive impression!


Kakak Ichal holding a nutmeg fruit

Listening to Bu Cathy and Ichal via the ipad and interactive whiteboard.

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