Lunch With Bu Arfa, Bu Wahyu & Aviv

Today we were taken out to lunch by Bu Wahyu. After spending several hours helping students on their debate speeches, it was lovely to get some fresh air and some food! The food was so Indonesian, I took photos so that I could share it with you all!
Bu Wahyu ordered chicken sate which came with lontong (rice)

20130819-135209.jpg and es buah

I had gado gado

20130819-135818.jpg and es cendol

20130819-135858.jpg which is made from coconut milk, tape ketan and green strips made from glutinous rice, served with shaved ice. Absolutely delicious.
Aviv had es buah as well and soto ayam which I didn’t get to photograph.
Bu Arfa had a carrot and tomato juice which was a beautiful shade of apricot and a variation of gado gado which was served in a beef liquid.

It was a beautiful meal but without doubt the best part for me was the es cendol. Here we all are towards the end of the meal:

Which dish would you like to try?


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