Attractions for Tourists in Bali

Walking along the streets of Kuta, I have passed many booths from which various tours and attractions can be booked. The booths are usually tiny and look more like an American lemonade stall! The front is lined with brochures promoting a wide variety of activities all designed to catch your eye. It occurred to me that they would make a very interesting post for teachers planning a unit about visiting Indonesia or for people who are planning a trip to Bali but have no idea of what to do other than the usual laze by the pool or beach!!
Have a look at the amazing variety of brochures availble and also notice that the price is often quoted in Dollars or Euro’s as they are definitely aimed at the western tourist. Interestingly though some like the following, include all currencies!


20131130-172042.jpg l

20131130-172526.jpgThis last one is hilarious because I can’t imagine what it would be like to ride a quad bike through a village and still be able to say hello! Here are the costs for it as well as other options:















Have a close look at the costing on this one:

20131130-174121.jpgHere is the other side of this brochure:

20131130-174322.jpgCan you imagine a 5 year old swimming with sharks?


2 thoughts on “Attractions for Tourists in Bali

  1. There are various article on internet which gives in formation about Bali tourist activities in text format like an essay. But this is a best article which stands due to its unique way of representation of information.

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