An Inside Look at Indonesian Democracy

I went with Bu Esty & Ichal to a local election in Ternate and I still regret that I ran out of time to post about it. This is a great account of a day at a polling booth which is far more detailed than I could have achieved, so will blog this instead as a reminder of my experience with Bu Esty & Ichal!

The Year of Living Differently

April 9, 2014 – Election Day

A group of energized Indonesians speed by on their motorbikes wearing the same colors, honking, yelling, and waving flags for their party’s candidate. It’s election season in Indonesia.

For weeks, there have been colorful flags for all the parties lining the busy roads of Semarang. Every now and then groups of motorbikes or even trucks overflowing with people will drive by yelling and supporting their candidate.

The night before Election Day, I ask my Indonesian friends if they would vote, and they say they don’t care about it. “Why?” I ask. “We don’t trust the government,” they explain, “It is all bad and full of corruption.” My friends are more interested in the Avengers, as we are about to see the new movie, Captain America. We decide Indonesia needs a Captain Indonesia.

Election day is a holiday, so we have no school. I am…

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