Stay Tuned – Heading off again soon….

In 4 weeks, I will be heading off again to Indonesia and I am sooooo looking forward to it. As usual, this trip will include visiting a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar Indonesian cities.  My travel partner will be Ibu Margaret and we will be traveling to Medan, (Sumatra Utara), Jakarta & Yogyakarta with the Bridge Project.

We plan to fly to Medan via Kuala Lumpur, which will be a totally new point of entry into Indonesia for both of us.  Our time in Medan is to provide us with an opportunity to visit our partner school so that we can meet the staff & students. We also will be able to evaluate the completed student projects and plan for new ones. We met Pak Pahot and Ibu Elizawati, from our partner school,  earlier in the year when they enjoyed a visit to our school and were able to meet our staff and students.



After Medan (will we have enough time to ‘pop’ down and see Danau Toba??), we fly to Jakarta where we join up with a group of Australian teachers for a study tour. The study tour includes visiting places of significance both in Jakarta & Jogyakarta. The tour finishes in Yogya, so Ibu Margaret and I will remain there for a few days where we will have hopefully enough time to complete any last minute planning with Pak Pahot & Ibu Elizawati while still in Indonesia (Skype & cultural exchange projects) as well as joining one or two Via Via cultural tours.

At this stage we hope to return to Jakarta by train!!

What do you think???


5 thoughts on “Stay Tuned – Heading off again soon….

  1. Astaga! Getting excited also and thinking in Indonesian at the strangest moments! Hope I can do that when we are over there!

  2. Sounds great Bu Cathy! Medan is a great city, make sue you visit Jalan Pagaruyung for makan-makan one evening! I hope you make it to Danau Toba; it’s one of my fav places! I just dreamt of Pulau Samosir just the other night – such a magical place! Enjoy your journey, I’ll be following along from a distance. Hati2 di jalan ya. 🙂

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