Relaxing in Sidoarjo on Christmas

This is the view from the verandah of the lovely family I found through airbnb. I can sit here and enjoy the gentle breeze as well as watch the world go by. The garden is gorgeous. It is barely 3m x 6m yet includes a sealing wax palm, a gorgeous red frangipani just to name a few, as well as various pot plants. It perfectly screens the passing traffic yet allows enough light and breeze through. 

While sitting in my room, I’ve heard various food sellers pass. Here comes one now: 

All making various sounds to indicate what they are selling. I heard a tok, tok, tok several times while in my room, so am curious to see what that seller was selling. Haven’t yet heard the ting, ting, ting of the bakso seller yet. Bakso is a meat ball soup and is the perfect snack. 

Here’s another one:  

 It is now dusk and the street light across the road has turned on and a timid gecko on the gate post has also made an appearance. No doubt more will hopefully join him soon and catch the pesky mosquitos that have been hovering around my rid covered ankles. A grandfather wearing a shirt and sarong sauntered passed pushing his grandchild in a pram earlier.  It’s lovely to see people still wearing sarongs, even if it is just when relaxing. Children on bikes race passed too yelling to each other. 

Ibu and her younger daughter arrived home together with Bapak. No sooner had she walked in the door, than she is plying me with food and drink. I’ve been presented with  cakes and biscuits which I have accepted so as not to embarrass her. I’m hoping I can get away with just trying a small mouthful. This cake is from the Holland Bakery, a very well known bakery chain famous for its western style creations. 


When I asked her if there was somewhere nearby that sells nasi (rice), she invited me to join the family for dinner as they have so much food  left over from the family gathering earlier. Forgot to mention my preference for vegetables, so hopefully it isn’t too awkward! 

Now as dusk truly sets in, various nearby mosques are calling the faithful to mahgrib prayers. There is a mosque very close, maybe in the next street, which we can hear very clearly. The many others that we can also hear sound like giant insects humming in support. Another mosque has begun their call too and it sounds beautiful because instead of an adult male voice singing, it is the voice of a young boy. He is singing  clearly and confidently. So beautiful. 

I’ve been in to the kitchen to watch Ibu cooking  however she was so uncomfortable,  I stayed only long enough to ask her about Christmas presents which apparently between adults include gifts of the basics like sugar and uncooked rice. For children their presents are useful things like school equipment or shirts. I also discovered that she works as a nurse. 

I left her in peace and returned to my room where I worked some more on this post. I just realised I’d uploaded the same video twice when she knocked on my door insisting I come out and eat. I followed her out to the kitchen where she handed me a plate and a cup of water before vanishing to join the rest of the family in the other bedroom. I helped myself to a red dish which tasted like sweet and sour sausages, spicy bittermelon (delicious), a noodle dish and rice. I ate alone and afterwards washed up my plate and spoon before adding it to the dishrack. No sooner had I headed back to my room, they all emerged and with laughter headed to the kitchen for their dinner. Very Indonesian! 

After a very busy and eventful day, it is time to get ready for bed. The perfect way to end Christmas day anywhere!


9 thoughts on “Relaxing in Sidoarjo on Christmas

  1. Oh wow! I was curious about where you would end up : )) great post not quite as good as being there with you …… so airbnb is in indo as well. Yes I can just imagine them disappearing and then reappearing….I take it that the food was enak :)))
    Yesterday went from one extreme to the other!! And cool change didnt arrive until late afternoon. This morn it is quite windy and cold …..mmm. more please : ))))

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