Jalan jalan Through Local Streets

Once cooler, I headed out to ‘see what I could see’. An afternoon stroll through the local streets down to the main road.

The street I’m staying on is lined with mangga (mango) tres and street lamps. If you look carefully you can see fruit hanging in the trees.


Along the street are places where household rubbish can be dumped for collection.  I love the stray cats resting in the cool shade. The cat to the far right in the photo was not brave enough and scadadled as soon as I stopped.   

Isn’t this trailer design amazing. Folds in half and takes up half the amount of space as a conventional trailer.    

A near neighbour looks like they  have a business based near Ijen, the volcano I climbed down into where they mine for sulphur.  Looks like you can go on a tour to Ijen and then go dirt bike riding there? 

At the end of the street is a sawah (rice field) which is currently being planted with rice.  When I arrived the previous day, they were planting  in the opposite corner.


Across the road from the sawah was a man selling just about anything plastic!  From toys to containers of all descriptions.   

The first food stall I came across was a roti bakar (toasted bread) kaki lima on the main road. Thinking it was selling toast, I was surprised to see the girl toasting on a huge stainless steel plate, huge doorstops, the size of half a loaf of bread.  She is conveniently parked by the side of the road so that customers can stop easily to order. I hope she doesn’t forget that behind her is a concrete open storm water drain!


I then strolled along the road gawking at the warungs. None caught my eye. Until I saw a sign saying ‘Es Teler Durian’ Could not resist stopping!  I laughed internally at the look of panic on the girls faces as I stepped into the stall. They were communicating with each other telepathically begging the other to serve me. The relief on their faces when I started speaking Indonesian was amusing to all of us!  They continued giggling the whole time I was there! Then came the inevitable question, “Boleh ambil foto?” (Can we take a photo?) Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone else in the shop to take a photo of this for me! The es teler was so delicious and so refreshing I forgot to take a photo of it. It was served with 2 frozen squares of durian on top. Delicious.  

My next stop was to buy some deep fried battered banana sprinkled with palm sugar but. please hold the grated cheese!!  The kapok banana used for this is a small chunky banana  with a high starch content and while no good for eating fresh, is perfect for cooking. This was easily the most delicious fried banana I have ever eaten. Crisp batter around a succulent banana sliver, covered lightly with palm sugar crystals. The label below says, Cheesy bananas. Traditional Makasar (South Sulawesi) food. Orders taken.


Across the road this fellow was selling salak, mangga and a long bean called petai. 1kg salak cost Rp10,000 ($1). When I jokingly suggested this was the tourist price, he opened his eyes wide and looked innocently at me claiming that this was cheap because at the market they wanted Rp13,000 ($1.30)! I mentally shrugged and whispered to myself, “Where can you get salak in Australia this fresh and this cheap?”and happily handed over my money.  I also smirked internally when he delayed discussing prices with his next customer until I was safely across the road!   

 This is what the salak look like: 

They are also called snake skin fruit and you can see why! The stone inside is gorgeous and would be perfect for congklak!




I got as far as this corner where 2 stalls had set up side by side. This one was selling kelapa mudah (young coconut) and es kelapa mudah (iced young coconut) whereas the other one was selling bakso. Do you like the enormous pile of husks behind him?



The bakso stall was doing a roaring trade.  Customers drove up to the kaki lima to order and then sat on their motorbikes while it was being put together. The little boy on the motorbike was singing quietly to himself while waiting. It was so cute.


My last stop was to buy some nasi goreng (fried rice), which was cooked by a hilarious fellow who had only just set up. I’d actually noticed him passing me by while sitting and drinking my kelapa mudah. He had caught my eye because there was a huge bunch of sawi (green leafy veg) on top of his kaki lima . He began by quoting me sepuluh juta (10,000,000) for satu nasi goreng!! He cooked the nasi goreng like a showman but I couldn’t take any photos becasue it was quite dark by this time and it had also started to rain. I threatened to come back and video him much to his delight! Sadly though, his nasi goreng was very ordinary.



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