Indonesian Number Plates

My obsession while travelling around Indonesia has been learning about all the different types of number plates I have seen on cars. I am going to add to this page as I continue my travels….

An Indonesian number plate gives so much more information than an Australian number plate. The most common number plate you see on the streets are for privately own vehicles. They are generally black with white lettering. Take a look at this number plate:

It is black and white therefore telling us that it is a privately owned vehicle. The letter B tell us that the vehicle is registered in Jakarta. The numbers down the bottom tell us that the registration runs out July 2017.

Here is another one.

20131020-093937.jpg I took this photo in the SMA 2 staff carpark in Pangkalan Bun, Kalimantan Tengah. The KH stands for Central Kalimantan.

This plate is from Surabaya. I found this plate in Kalimantan! There is a ferry connecting Java with Kalimantan, so I guess that is how the cars move from province to province.


This plate is from Jogyakarta where all cars use the letters AB.


This plate I photographed in West Sumatra!


Here is another plate I found in West Sumatra. This letters on this plate though are for the province of Riau, Sumatra.


Some vehicles have red plates like this:

20131020-094514.jpg Red plates show that the vehicle is a government car to be used for government business only. This plate was photographed in Ternate, North Maluku.

Another plate I saw while traveling around Sumatra and was finally able to get a photo of was this police plate.


A yellow plate shows that the vehicle is for public transportation. DG is the code for North Malauku.


A car number plate all the way from Papua! DS is their code!



I saw this number plate  in Medan in the Istana Maimon carpark! This plate is from East Java around the Sidoarjo area (The town still being consumed by the mud volcano).


Here I am actually in Sidoarjo and here is the number plate for the vehicle of the family with whom I am staying:

Below are two plates from Medan. We once passed a roadside stall where you could order fancy variations of your number plate, like the first one below. Cool hey?


Here in Kepri, the plates start with BP:


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